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Do you know when to do your taxes (Tax RETURN)?

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1Miami Realty LLC

Date Published: 2021-12-11

But, if you are thinking of buying a property, you should consult with your “Mortgage Broker” before visiting your accountant, the reason is very simple, the accountant prepares your income and your common expenses to make you pay the lowest amount for your earnings or to obtain the highest possible refund within the law, this can be counterproductive if you are thinking about applying for a mortgage loan, since the bank may determine that your income is not enough or your expenses are so high that you will not have leftover to pay the mortgage and in some cases qualify you for a lower amount that is not enough to buy the property you want.
First, visit your Mortgage Broker (Financial Advisor), explain what you want to do, he will advise you on how to put the most favorable numbers to obtain the bank's rating and then the approval of the loan. If you make the mistake of declaring without first consulting with your financial advisor, it is very likely that you will lose the opportunity to buy this year, and end up wasting your money on rent payments that is nothing other than paying the mortgage of others instead of paying your own.
At 1 Miami Realty, we have expert agents and we put you in touch with the most prominent financial advisors who can help you and coordinate with your accountant so that your tax return is done properly and qualify you for the loan for that house that you have so much dreamed of.

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